We respond to change! The target is continuously evolving and, because we have been studying it for a long time, we know how to find the key for accessing their universe! We are driven by passion, constancy and a desire to experiment!
Our interviewing methods are based on cutting-edge technologies. It is our belief that, in order to succeed in intercepting the needs of a continuously evolving target, qualitative research has to keep up to date. This is why we have developed and continue to develop new, different methodologies
Osservatorio Giovani di Tips Ricerche
We hunt out the latest trends! We have a qualitative and quantitative Panel made up of trend setting kids and teenagers aged between 0 and 19 years, selected from all over Italy. We use this Panel to constantly monitor the target’s Trends and Consumption habits and provide our Clients with problem-solving answers.
News from Tips Ricerche
Tips Ricerche can draw on the results of the latest wave of the Kids&Teens Observatory carried out in May 2019. What do Gen Z and Gen Alpha love to do? What are their myths? Who are their idols? What are the best styles of communication to use to engage with them? For more detailed information get in touch with us on our e-mail address.

Kids and Tv

a VIDEO RESEARCH from Tips Ricerche


Tips Ricerche interpella il suo target Kids&Family, Young e Millennials attraverso modalità isomorfe: il video, la chat, il forum. Effettuiamo anche VIDEO-RICERCHE che illustrano i risultati dello studio attraverso una modalità chiara, efficace e diretta. Qui un esempio dell'utilizzo del video come forma di auto-espressione del target .


Tips Ricerche dialogues with its Kids&Family, Teenagers and Millennials targets using the most appropriate research techniques: videos, chats and forums. We also carry out VIDEO-RESEARCHES that enable us to clearly, effectively and directly illustrate the results of our studies. Here is an example of how the target uses the video as a form of self- expression.

Metodologie Isomorfe al Target

Focus Group, Gruppi Divano, Etnografiche, Netnografiche e non solo ...

Methodologies tailored to each specific Target

Focus Groups, Sofa Groups, Ethnographic interviews, Netnographic analyses and more ...

Insight Tips

Our twenty years of proven experience is built on principles we regard as very important. Tried and tested experience in carrying out market researches specifically tailored to our Target (Kids, Teenagers and Millennials) and our Client.
Uno studio motivazionale di qualità, che non trascura i dettagli, che parte da una buona struttura di ricerca, che isola le variabili, che analizza con attenzione i bisogni del target. ----------------------------------- A quality motivational study, which does not overlook the details, starts from a good research structure, isolates the variables and carefully analyses the target’s needs
Vogliamo essere partner delle Aziende Committenti. Il loro problema di ricerca è il nostro problema di ricerca. Insieme concordiamo le Strategie più opportune e monitoriamo tutte le fasi dello studio. -------------------------------- We want to be partners with our Clients. Their research problem is our research problem. Together we agree on the most appropriate Strategies and monitor every step of the study
La ricerca motivazionale si è dovuta aggiornare per stare al passo dei tempi e per cogliere con attenzione i bisogni del Target. E' per questo che Tips Ricerche utilizza la tecnologia digitale per riuscire a comunicare con il target. --------------------------------- Motivational research has had to keep up-to-date with the latest technological developments in order to move with the times and to carefully identify the Target’s needs. This is why Tips Ricerche uses digital technology, so we can be sure of communicating with the target.
Una buona ricerca di mercato non può prescindere da un'analisi accurata delle variabili, del setting, del contesto competitivo. Tips Ricerche vanta anni di esperienza e una formazione eclettica, dalla Psicologia, alla Sociologia, dalla Statistica alla Semiotica, dal Marketing alla Comunicazione. -------------------------------------- A good market research study has to carry out a careful analysis of the variables, the setting and the competitive context. Tips Ricerche possesses many years’ experience and specialisation in a wide variety of skills, from Psychology to Sociology, from Statistics to Semiotics, from Marketing to Communication.



Restyling Topolino

Topolino si rinnova



Un gruppo di ricercatrici con esperienza capillare nel settore delle ricerche di mercato. La forza del gruppo Tips Ricerche è la sua natura interdisciplinare


A group of researchers with a broad spectrum of experiences in market research. The strength of the Tips Ricerche group lies in its interdisciplinary nature
Daniela Fujani
Daniela Fujani


Precedentemente  Direttore di Ricerca e Account Manager presso Research International (oggi TNS), nel 2005 fondo Tips Ricerche, istituto specializzato in media e target kids/teens. Ho una formazione clinica con Laurea in Psicologia e  un’esperienza di lunga data nella ricerca qualitativa, con particolare focus sui nuovi linguaggi digitali.

After working as Director of Research and Account Manager at Research International, in 2005 I co-founded Tips Ricerche, a research company specializing in media and the kids / teens target. I have a clinical degree with a degree in psychology and long-standing experience in qualitative research, with a special interest in the new digital languages.
Tecla Maffioli
Tecla Maffioli

Co- Founder

Dopo una lunga esperienza in Research International Italia con la posizione di Account Manager, decido di intraprendere la libera professione, fondando nel 2005 Tips Ricerche, un istituto che ha scelto il mondo media come suo principale obiettivo di indagine. Esperienza di lunga data nella ricerca qualitativa, con particolare focus sui media ed il target giovani.

After many years working as Account Manager with Research International Italy, I decided to branch out on my own and, in 2005, co-founded Tips Ricerche, a research company that chose the media world as its main research objective. I possess a wealth of experience in qualitative research, with a special interest in the media and young people.


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